“Divorceproof” Your Kids:

A Workshop for Divorcing & Recently Divorced Parents: 

   Your children deserve to have normal, happy, successful lives, where they have fulfilling relationships (including with their parents), avoiding the pitfalls their parents have had. However, the fact is that children of divorce are at high risk of leading truly sad lives. Not only is divorce traumatic, but research shows that POST DIVORCE is where the real risk is. 

While most families turn to therapy to help their children, the results show that therapy alone is not working. Children of divorce are more likely to have physical ailments, mental illness, addictions, sexual promiscuity and abuse, as well as higher incidences of suicide.

 This is due to lack of knowledge and awareness of what children need to recover from the trauma of divorce. The good news is that your children can beat the odds and have normal, happy, fulfilling lives post divorce.


"Divorceproof” your Kids gives divorcing and divorced parents the tools they need to help their children (and themselves) to begin to recover from the divorce and turn their experiences from deficits into assets. 

  This workshop has been custom tailored from field interviews and scientific data on child resilience so that you will come away with new tools and habits to continue to build your children up during and after the divorce. You get to choose, the risk of illness, addiction and suicide, or going all in on your child’s corner to support them in having a mad successful life.

  We are screening interested parents to make sure they are a good fit for the official launch of this program. Selected parents will participate in the program at a discounted rate and in exchange will provide feedback and insight into how to make this an even better workshop.


The  price for this group (which includes individual coaching) is $ 997.

It only takes one parent to tip the scales for their children..........AND:

When one parent registers, we will take their co-parent at no extra charge (co-parents will be in separate groups) so that BOTH parents are grounded in the tools and attitudes that will make the difference in their child's life. Meetings will be wrapped around the needs of the group as a whole.


 This program will cost a minimum of $ 2000 in the future. Similar programs that range from $ 3000 for four hours of group work  to $ 30,000 for a four week group.

The Beta price for this group which includes individual coaching is $ 997 contingent on each participant’s willingness to give feedback and participate fully.

Benefit value
For One to One Coaching Sessions and assessment $   975.00
Four Group Coaching Sessions $   500.00
Online Support Group $   400.00
Education Content $ 1200.00
Value of this program $ 3,175.00
 Cost of bundled products $   997.00

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How about this:
In the midst of significant divorce-related struggles, this workshop centered me personally and gave me specific tools of how to continue to build the relationship with my children under the re-structured family dynamic and in turn build their resilience and happiness.  
Rich is an exceptionally knowledgable and compassionate individual, able to hear subtleties in each story and illuminate it for the benefit of the whole family. 
Also, thank you for all of your help.  We had out ice-cream sundae Sunday tradition last night and it provided an anchor in otherwise a rocky transition (my 5-year old daughter had had a two-night sleepover - first ever - that I wasn't informed about until she told me at pick up (in pajamas at 6 pm, dirty face, dirty clothes...).  -Thanks!  Jelena

"You empathized and were compassionate. You provided the tools to help me become more self-critical leading to paths of better understanding and insight as to where my 23-year-old daughters may be in their coping process. This has helped me to be more understanding, considerate and responsive to them. Thank you!- Kate

Thank you Rich for assisting me in keeping me focused and teaching me skills for moving through the harrowing and confusing time. And for bringing Humanity to a very disturbing process. You showed me a way to begin to heal and continue my relationship with our child. I am forever grateful.   Always Aloha -Matt S.

The workshop gave me a connection to others going through similar issues.  Richard provided me with insight on best practices in regard to effective parenting during the divorce process.  The workshop gave me some clarity to the emotional process of divorcing with children.  Richard has seen it all and can navigate the waters for you. - Anonymous